Possible Trainers/ Riders/Grooms

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Salary:  € up to 1500€ / €€ up to 3000 € / €€€ up to 4000 € / €€€€ more than 4000 €

Stay:     * 1-3 month/ **up tp 6 month/ ***up to 1 year/**** long time stay

Show Jumper 1,40-1,60/Competition Riders/ Trainer

Showjumper with international success up to 1,60m/ male/ 23 years/ Syria/ €€/ ****

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0080819 H nn.pdf
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Showjumper with international equestrian experience up to 1,50m / female/ 25 years/ Swiss/ €€ /**

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0040819 BA nn.pdf
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Showjumper, teacher experienced with riding young horses. Success up to 1,50m/ female/ 46 years/ Italian/ €€€/ **

0170819 BC n.n.pdf
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Showjumper with equestrian experience up to 1,40m / male / 29 years / Argentina / €€/ ****

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0010919 AM n.n.pdf
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Showjumper with international experience and success up to 1,45m/ male /41 years /Denmark, located in Germany / €€€/ *

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0020819 AM nn.pdf
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Showjumper with experience up to 1,50m, success up to M dressage and young horses/ male /33 years /Bulgarian/ nn/ ** to ****


0090819 SI nn.pdf
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Showjumper with experience up to 1,50m/  trainer B/ male /43 years /Czech/ €€€ to €€€€/ ** to ****

0100819 DJ nn.pdf
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Showjumper with success up to 1,45m/ female/ 30 years/ Poland/ €€ / **


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0240819 BJ nn.pdf
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Show Jumper 1,10-1,30/Competition Rider/ Trainer

Showjumper with a lot of experience in bringing up young horses/ male/ 27 years/ Portuguese/ €€/  **to ****

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0140819 RM nn.pdf
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Showjumper with success up to 1.30m, experience with young horses and in teaching children/ female/ 21 years/ Irland/ €€/ ** to ****

Showjumper with success up to 1.30m and experience with teaching children/ female/ 18 years/ Norway/ €€/ * to **

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0150819 PE nn.pdf
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Showjumper with success up to 1,30m and experience with young horses/ female/ 18 years/ American/ €€/ **to****

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0060819 GG nn.pdf
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Dressage Rider/Competition Rider/ Trainer

Dressage rider with success up to St. Georg/ female/ 32 years/ German/ €€€/ *

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0030819 JT nn.docx.pdf
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Other specialists for your stable

Physiotherapist with showjumping experience up to 1.40m./ female/ 27 years/ Czech/€€€€/**to****

0190819 VB nn.pdf
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Experienced Trainer with international sucess up to 5*/ male / 55years/ GB/ nn/ *

0050819 CP nn.pdf
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Riding and Racing Trainer with international experience  / male/ 60 years/ Australian/€€€/ ***to****

0230819 MT n.n.pdf
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Trainer C with success in dressage and showjumping up to 1,00m.
Studies of tcm vet and kinesiologie,
worked in a saddlery for several years/ female/ 39 years/ German/ €€/ *

0070819 GC nn.pdf
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Riding teacher with success in basic show jumping up to 1.00m/ female/ 26/ Estonian/ €€/ ** to ****

0180819 NR nn.pdf
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